URTA On The Map – Michigan State University


URTA On The Map – Michigan State University

School: Michigan State University
Who: Rob Roznowski, Artistic Director and Head of Acting and Directing
Where: East Lansing, Michigan

What advice would you give to someone in the process of applying to MFA programs?

Make sure to do your research. There are many great MFA programs out there but it is really about finding the right match for your immediate goals and future career. Each program has its own special niche and approach and by doing the research you can target the programs that are the best match for you. Contact the programs you think best correspond to your needs before the URTA auditions. It doesn’t have to feel entirely random if you do your research.

What are some of the guiding principles of Michigan State’s Theatre program, and of your teaching methods?

I think the guiding principle of our program is the intersection of artist and educator. We think experiences both onstage and in the classroom prepare you for whatever this uncertain business may offer. The classroom experience (either as student or instructor) refines and reinforces your personal design or acting process while your work in production offers you a chance to mentor the next generation of undergraduates who are observing your work.

Where is your favorite place to eat lunch or grab coffee near campus?

The lunch place and coffee place are right next to each other. Sushiya for lunch (awesome sushi and bento boxes) and Espresso Royale for coffee (it seems most of my meetings with colleagues are there.)

Describe East Lansing in three words.

Vibrant, International, Festive.

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