Picture Yourself @ Florida State University


Picture Yourself @ Florida State University

Featuring: Amanda Hiatt (Theatre Management MFA Student)

Where is your favorite lunch spot on or near campus?

The place to eat is near campus called Spear It. Great fried mac-n-cheese!

Why did you choose FSU’s theater management program?

I chose the management program because it is structured around three years of intense management work. During that three year period, students acquire ample arts management experience and in the third year become the Associate Director of their assistantship track.

What does your typical Saturday look like?fsu-campus-amanda-hiatt

I don’t know that there is typical Saturday night in this program. Depending on the week’s homework or events I might be working an event, studying, or enjoying one of Tallahassee’s ample entertainment opportunities.

Describe how have you found the collaborative process amongst your peers (either the other design, actors, directors, etc.) at FSU.

I would describe the collaborative process with my peers at FSU as easy. While all programs have their growing pains, the students, teachers, faculty, and staff all work for the good of the department and the productions.

Posted by Rachel Friedman  Posted on 08 Dec 
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