Pay-It-Forward Award application

2021 Pay-It-Forward Candidate Award application

A limited number of awards are open to eligible candidates who demonstrate need for a registration fee waiver through the Pay-It-Forward Candidate Award.

Candidates interested in applying for the Pay-It-Forward award should first fully complete their URTA application on Acceptd up to the point of payment, but should NOT submit payment. The URTA application can be found at

Candidates should next complete this Pay-It-Forward award application, submitting a short personal essay outlining their need for the support, and why they are seeking a graduate degree at this time, as well as providing a letter of recommendation from a colleague, mentor, employer, or teacher, speaking to the candidate’s need and deservedness of the award.

URTA will begin reviewing all award applications on October 26, 2020. Award recipients will be notified by URTA on November 2, 2020. They will then have 3 days to redeem their award and submit their URTA application on Acceptd. Those that do not complete their registration in this time will forfeit their award, which will be awarded to an alternate recipient.

Any applications received after the October 26 will be considered on a rolling basis as funding permits. For best consideration, candidates should apply before October 26, 2020.