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Interview with “Beautiful” star and URTA Alum, Ben Jacoby

What made you decide to go to graduate school? I felt like I needed more training. I went to a small, liberal arts college where I studied a wide range of subjects. Acting, of course, was one of them, but the liberal arts atmosphere didn’t afford me the in-depth training I felt like I needed
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Interview with Lighting and Set Designer Justin Townsend

Justin Townsend is an international lighting and set designer for performance. He has been nominated for the 2016 Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards for Broadway productions “The Humans” and “American Psycho”. He holds a MFA from URTA member university, CalArts. Mr. Townsend is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Brooklyn College. He spoke recently
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URTA Alum and Tony Winning Sound Designer, Leon Rothenberg

URTA’s Rachel Friedman recently chatted with California Institute of the Arts alum, Leon Rothenberg about how his training shaped his career, and about his current show “Rancho Viejo”, now playing at Playwrights Horizons. I would love to start with the beginning of your career. You received your Bachelor of Music from Oberlin and then went
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Alumni Interview with Colby Lewis

Actor Colby Lewis is a 2014 MFA graduate of URTA member program, University of Connecticut. Since graduating, he’s performed a variety of major roles including, notably, Cassius Clay in the Denver Center Theatre production of One Night in Miami. Currently, he’s the Male Principal Standby in the Chicago company of Hamilton, understudying the roles of
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Alumni Highlight: “Vietgone” at Manhattan Theatre Club

Attending a performance of Vietgone at Manhattan Theatre Club I knew very little about the show, other than it centered around a love story starting after the Vietnam War, and that there might be some rap. It turned out to be a beautiful and hilarious piece written by Qui Nguyen and directed by May Adrales,
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Alumni Interview with Emily Penick of ACT

What made you want to go to graduate school? I wanted to go to grad school for two specific reasons. The first reason was to improve my craft and set myself up for a professional directing career. The second reason I felt I needed graduate school was because I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously
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URTA Alumni Summer Highlights- The Golden Bride

During the late 1800s, and early 1900s, marked a huge increase in Yiddish-American influence in musical theatre. These pieces of theatre were a result of the time, as many Yiddish-speaking immigrants were coming to the United States to try to find a better life. The plots varied, but the intended effect of the device was
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  • Eliza Laytner and Cassandra Cushman on closing night.

URTA Alumni Summer Highlight- thisamericanplay

Let’s paint a picture. You enter a space with beautiful raw wood ceilings and white concrete floors and walls. Everything is flooded with natural light through the windows lining two walls of the space. Hanging on the side of the space is a red dress hung in a kinetic position. There are various other props
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URTA Alumni Summer Highlight- Men on Boats

What do you know about the 1869 expedition to chart the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon? Nothing? Yeah, me neither. But Men on Boats is here to show the “true(ish)” version of the ten men who undertook this dangerous mission. The comedy appears at first like a Ken Burns documentary in the making but
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Picture Yourself @ University of Tennessee Knoxville

Featuring: Miguel Fana (MFA Acting Graduate Student) What are your favorite things about going to school in Knoxville? Restaurants? Parks? First and foremost, the Acting program at University of Tennessee Knoxville is a hidden gem of a program. The classes are focused on the Craft of Acting and building an unshakable skill set that will
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