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Picture Yourself @ California Institute of the Arts

Featuring: Anna Grossman (MFA Sound Design Student) What is your go-to lunch spot on or near campus? Tatum Lounge, our on-campus coffee shop. Aside from providing the necessary fuel for graduate study, they have some pretty good pastries and grab-and-go options. What has been your favorite class so far, and why? Production by Design. The
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Picture Yourself @ Northern Illinois University

Featuring: Emily Vitrano (MFA Acting Student) What drew you to Northern Illinois Univeristy’s MFA program? The faculty. When I met with Patricia and Alex, something clicked that didn’t click with any other school. I felt incredibly comfortable, at home and also understood. I felt that the faculty really took the time and energy to get
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Picture Yourself @ University of Iowa

Featuring: Samantha Paradis (MFA Stage Management Student) What is your favorite restaurant on or near campus? This is a bit of a tough question because Iowa City has so many great restaurants (a whole pedestrian mall and downtown full of them), but I would say my favorite is probably Oasis. It is known for some
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Picture Yourself @ University of Virginia

Featuring: JD Stallings (MFA Technical Direction Student) What is your experience with technical direction and why did you want to go to graduate school? I spent the last 12 years as a high school technical director and I love working with students who are passionate about problem-solving and hands-on learning in a theatrical environment. Last year
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Flourishing Opportunities in Producing/Theatre Management at the URTAs

One of the categories of recruiting at the annual URTAs is Producing/Theatre Management. We’re often asked by candidates what that area of study encompasses. The answer is, a whole lot. Whether your interest is marketing, development, executive leadership, arts advocacy, producing, or entrepreneurship, a graduate degree can put you on the path to the career
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Picture Yourself @ University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Featuring: Amanda Valdez (MFA Lighting Design Student) Where is your favorite spot on campus to do work? My favorite spot would have to be our Theatre Department’s Graduate Office located in the Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH) Building. Our department has generously provided the graduates an intimate office where we are free to use their computers
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Alumni Highlight: “Vietgone” at Manhattan Theatre Club

Attending a performance of Vietgone at Manhattan Theatre Club I knew very little about the show, other than it centered around a love story starting after the Vietnam War, and that there might be some rap. It turned out to be a beautiful and hilarious piece written by Qui Nguyen and directed by May Adrales,
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Picture Yourself @ University of California- Los Angeles

Featuring: Jayongela Wilder (MFA Directing Student) Why did you choose to go to UCLA? As an interdisciplinary professional school, UCLA was the perfect choice to help mold me as a creator, storyteller, and visionary. UCLA is a collaborative community, where theater, film, and television collide. I needed to be in a graduate school where I
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Picture Youself @ Pennsylvania State University

Featuring: Gabriel Pena (MFA Acting student) What drew you to Penn State MFA’s program? I was initially drawn to Penn State by the faculty. The professors at Penn State are experts in their teaching areas and provide insight based on extensive experience at the highest levels of performance. On a personal level they offer open
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Picture Yourself @ University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Featuring: Dustin Mosko (MFA Directing student) Why did you choose Nebraska’s MFA program? The University of Nebraska’s Johnny Carson School offers a MFA Directing for Stage and Screen so I was able to study both here. What is your favorite production you’ve directed at UNL? Asking a director that question is like asking them to
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