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Picture Yourself @ University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Featuring: Myles Bullock (MFA Acting student) Why did you choose University of North Carolina’s MFA program? I chose UNC’S MFA program because of the people. Outside of the professional benefits like working on professional productions with working professional directors & guest actors and getting your equity card before you graduate, which are beautiful perks. I
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Picture Yourself @ Indiana University

Featuring: Katie Horwitz (MFA directing student) What about Indiana University’s MFA Directing program do you feel prepares you most for a future career in theatre? At IU we are guaranteed to direct a mainstage production for both our second and third years. By the time I graduate I actually will have directed three mainstage productions,
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Picture Yourself @ Louisiana State University

Featuring: Lance Rasmussen (MFA acting student) What are your favorite things about going to school in Baton Rouge? I’m a huge fan of attending a school with such a rich cultural history. Louisiana State University is a landmark institution, and it has a nationwide reputation for a lot of reasons. Being able to be part
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Picture Yourself @ Kent State University

Featuring: Heather Sinclair (MFA Theatre technology graduate student) How and when did you become interested in Technical Direction? I became interested in technical direction while in high school. I was given the opportunity to create technical drawings for a mash-up production of Shakespeare plays. While in undergrad at Ball State University, I was able to
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Alumni Interview with Emily Penick of ACT

What made you want to go to graduate school? I wanted to go to grad school for two specific reasons. The first reason was to improve my craft and set myself up for a professional directing career. The second reason I felt I needed graduate school was because I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously
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Picture Yourself @ East 15 Acting School

Featuring: Nicole Palomba (MFA acting) What drew you to go abroad and study at East 15’s MFA program? I was specifically looking for programs that were rooted in the exploration of character from numerous, and new (to me) ways. E15 has a reputation for exploration and range in the training, and I felt that I
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Inaugural URTA Grants Awarded

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recipient of the 2016-17 URTA Grant. Our inaugural grant was awarded to support the hiring of a United Scenic Artists design assistant. The grant has been awarded to Viriginia’s Barter Theatre. A founding member of LORT, the voice for Appalachia art, and one of the few
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URTA Alumni Summer Highlights- The Golden Bride

During the late 1800s, and early 1900s, marked a huge increase in Yiddish-American influence in musical theatre. These pieces of theatre were a result of the time, as many Yiddish-speaking immigrants were coming to the United States to try to find a better life. The plots varied, but the intended effect of the device was
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  • Eliza Laytner and Cassandra Cushman on closing night.

URTA Alumni Summer Highlight- thisamericanplay

Let’s paint a picture. You enter a space with beautiful raw wood ceilings and white concrete floors and walls. Everything is flooded with natural light through the windows lining two walls of the space. Hanging on the side of the space is a red dress hung in a kinetic position. There are various other props
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Picture Yourself @ University of Arizona

Featuring: Jason Jamerson (MFA set design graduate student) What is campus life like at Arizona? UofA is very artsy and eclectic, and it’s easy to find a home here. Tucson has tons of great places to meet up with friends and see music or art performances or get something incredible to eat. We were just
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